The A.T. Guide: Bound Book Vs. Loose Leaf

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If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between the “bound” and “loose leaf” editions of The A.T. Guide, you’re not alone! That is why we’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to just that.

The difference between the two is really quite simple–the “bound” version is just like any other paperback you own, with a hard binding on one edge to keep the pages together at all times. The “loose leaf” version is the very same book, with the bound edge cleanly cut off. This way, hikers have the freedom to pick and choose which pages are essential to their specific trip, and opt to leave the rest behind in order to keep their packs as light as possible.

When you purchase the “loose leaf” edition of the A.T. Guide, you will receive your book neatly shrink wrapped. Both the “bound” and “loose leaf” versions come with a heavy duty, .4 mil. zip-lock bag, so you’ll have means of keeping the pages together, organized and safe from the elements. Extra zip-lock bags are available for purchase to organize your “loose leaf” guide into hiking sections. Prepare your section hike bags ahead of time, and then include them in your mail drops along the trail. As you finish one leg of your hike, the following section will be waiting for you in your next mail drop.

To view more photos of the “bound” and “loose leaf” editions of the guide, visit their product pages:

The A.T. Loose Leaf Northbound Guide

The A.T. Loose Leaf Southbound Guide

Let the The 2018 A.T. Guide Pre-Orders Commence!

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2018 A.T. Guide Pre-Orders

The 2018 A.T. Guide preorders have begun. Now through Christmas, you can pre-order this “must have” guide and receive a 15% discount. The northbound edition of the guidebook is expected to ship early in January 2018. The southbound edition will ship later that month. There will be bound and loose leaf editions of both books.

The 2018 edition of The A.T. Guide has the same format and features that have made it the most popular guidebook ever used on the Appalachian Trail. It features an elevation profile of the entire trail, uniquely presented such that all landmarks align with the profile. Roughly half of the pages in the book are devoted to trail data, and about half covers what services are available in trail towns. The material is kept in sync, so town information is usually only a page turn away from the related trail data.
Dozens of businesses have been added and hundreds of businesses have provided important new details about prices and policies. There are over 90 maps of towns near the trail and of areas where a small map best communicates how to navigate an area.